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Cal Valley Solar Products

Solar Panels

We install solar panels from the major manufactures including REC and LG, assuring our customers the best pricing for the highest quality solar panels. The Panels are the heart of the system and generate the electricity from sunlight. Current production technology provides more power at a lower cost per kWh.

Solar panels


Inverters convert the power generated by the solar panels (DC Direct Current) into power used in your home (AC Alternating Current). The more efficient the inverter, the more electricity will be converted from the panels to the wall plate. Cal Valley Solar Electric installs inverters from Solar Edge SMA, APS and EnPhase.

Solar Inverters

Cal Valley Solar Projects


Cal Valley Solar has installed 144 SunPower 327 panels at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers training facility. Connected to 6 SMA inverters, the system will produce 47kW of DC power. Cal Valley Solar has also installed 2 Clipper Creek electrical Vehicle charging stations.

Commercial solar energy

City of Galt Waste Water Treatment Plant

1 Mw on trackers. Power will run new filtration system.

SMUD East Campus

1.2 Mw solar on trackers. This will be the first Net-Zero campus in North America.

Lodi 7th Day Adventist Academy

Lodi 7th Day Adventist Elementary School

Liberty Fire District

Buddhist Temple

Cherokee Memorial Chapel