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Non-Profit Solar

Cal Valley Solar – Financing Options for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits can benefit from federal incentives through commercial solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs).  You can monetize federal incentives and benefit through lower lease payments utilizing lower contracted electric rates. These programs are designed so the initial up-front costs are low or nothing. Your organization can enjoy the benefits of solar energy quickly and save money in the shot and long term.

Clean, sustainable solar electricity will help your organization be a green non-profit. The Installation of solar panels on your land or structures is an excellent investment that pays off both financially and ethically.  Due to the lower costs for solar panels and special financing you can go green!

Cal Valley Solar works with non-profits, schools, churches and other organizations to make solar a reality. We can minimize your upfront costs and offer you the best savings in energy costs.

Show that you are a leader by being environmentally involved and reduce your carbon footprint, all while saving on the cost of your electric bill!

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Monopoly was fun when you were a kid. But how many choices did you have when you signed up for your electric service?

Not many choices….

What if there was another choice? What if you could get your power for about half the cost of your utility, at a fixed price for the next 20 years? What if you could buy the power you need without buying expensive generation equipment? What if your power was clean, renewable and reliable as the sun rising.

No, we are not selling solar panels, we are selling the power from solar panels at a much lower cost than the utility with no upfront system costs. You only pay for the power you use.


This may look familiar to you, $.22750 per kWh for your power.


With our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you pay much less for the next 20 years.

With our PPA, you pay nothing up front, out of pocket.  You only pay for the power generated by the system.  Your price is guaranteed, for 20 years.  You can choose to buy the system after the term of contract, if you prefer, at a discounted price.  All repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the PPA company for the life of the PPA .

To get started, we will need your current consumption, 12 months of utility bills.  The PPA Company will need a couple years’ financials.  Make no payments until your system is producing clean power.  PAY ONLY FOR THE POWER, NOT THE SYSTEM.

Contact me with any questions or for additional information and calculate your new energy costs.

Terry Peterson – Cal Valley Solar – 916 204-0999

PG&E – $.22755 with 4% increase per year

PPA – $.168 with 0% increase per year

Savings with PPA over PG&E

Based on 48,996 kWh per year usage