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JLM Energy – Energizr

Energizr™ is the complete energy storage and energy management solution for on-grid and off-grid residential applications. The system brings together the four major components of an energy system into a single package: utility power, solar power, a backup generator, and energy storage. Energizr™ reduces a home’s dependency on the utility company by storing solar power during the day to power the home at night. The system also provides emergency backup power and keeps solar systems productive during power outages.


Solar System + Energizr™ = Energy Independence

  • Stores solar energy during the day to power a home at night
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to purchase energy from the utility company
  • Provides electricity during power outages by keeping solar systems operational
  • Provides emergency backup power during power outages
  • Operates independently or seamlessly integrates with solar systems and backup generators
  • Protects sensitive electrical equipment during power outages
  • Designed with the latest battery technologies
  • Certified to UL-1741 and CSA C22.2#107.1
  • Designed and built in California with a standard 10-year warranty
  • Cloud-based web interface for real-time energy monitoring
  • Free Continental US shipping


Solar Panels

We install solar panels from the major manufactures including SunPower and SolarWorld, assuring our customers the best pricing for the highest quality solar panels. The Panels are the heart of the system and generate the electricity from sunlight. Current production technology provides more power at a lower cost per kWh.




Inverters convert the power generated by the solar panels (DC Direct Current) into power used in your home (AC Alternating Current). The more efficient the inverter, the more electricity will be converted from the panels to the wall plate. Cal Valley Solar Electric installs inverters from SMA, APS, EnPhase and Solectria Renewables.

Solar Inverters