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IMAG0211Cal Valley Solar is dedicated to providing the most efficient solar technology at a competitive price. Protect your wallet while providing clean renewable energy for your family or business now.

Increase the value of your home or business while decreasing the cost to power it. Protect yourself from future escalating costs of energy!

According to an article in the Sacramento Bee, Electric rates are going up. Read the article here.

Cal Valley Solar News

We are now dealers for SunDrum® Solar. This is an add-on to the solar panels that circulates coolant to the PV panels. The coolant then runs through a heat exchanger and heats water before entering the hot water heater. This allows us to capture up to 50% of the energy from the sun. Not only do we generate hot water, but we cool the PV panels, making them 4-14% more efficient.

For the home, we can replace the ugly black sheets on the roof and generate electricity at the same time we heat the water. SunDrum® can head domestic hot water and pools and spas as well.

For Commercial, we can reduce the power consumption by generating solar hot water and electricity. Hotels, apartments, schools, diaries, wineries… ANY one using hot water and power.

Cal Valley Is the exclusive dealer in the Central Valley for SunDrum®.

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hermal Imaging Demonstrates SunDrum® Collector Cooling value